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  1. You’re a lot further along than I was at your age. I like the rough style, and the heavier line weight no doubt reproduces well in print. You also have good writing chops, which will develop and evolve in ways that will surprise you as you go along. The main things is to just do it–every day.

    There is no reason on earth why your stuff wouldn’t fit in at The Funny Times. Send a batch to and say I told you to. They’re great folks and a terrific home for folks both mainstream and otherwise.

    And “HEY” is a terrific title. No need to change that.

    The hard part has more to do with the state of print media itself. Editors are dropping cartoons right and left and magazine markets are disappearing. Business is just plain crap right now and what we do may end up going away altogether. Many cartoon pals are going full-tilt into web animation, which also doesn’t pay particularly well. Others are turning to greeting cards for work, which is fine, though not exactly my cup of tea.

    Just a few initial thoughts. Hope they help.


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